Integrated M.S./Ph.D. program

Mechanical Design Lab. With Advanced Materials

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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M.S./Ph.DMechanical engineeringKAISTPresent
B.S.Materials science and engineeringUNISTAugust 2017

Research Interest

Functional composite materials

Carbon electrode in energy storage system

Awards and Honors


  1. Kwang Il Jeong, Seung A Song, Seong Su Kim, “Glucose-based carbon-coating layer on carbon felt electrodes of vanadium redox flow batteries”, Composites Part B: Engineering, 2019;175

  1. Kwang Il Jeong and Seong Su Kim, “Study on the carbon felt electrodes with conductive coating for vanadium redox flow batteries”, 21th International Conference on Composite Structures – ICCS21, Bolonga, Italy, 2018.09.
  2. Kwang Il Jeong, Seung-A Song and Seong Su Kim, “Effect of glucose coating layer on surface modification of carbon felt electrodes for vanadium redox flow batteries”, 3rd International Workshop on Active Materials and Soft Mechatronics – AMSM2018, Daejeon, Korea, 2018.10.
  1. Kwang Il Jeong, Seong Su Kim, “금속 산화물 나노 구조체를 이용한 바나듐 레독스 흐름 전지용 전극 연구” 2018년도 복합재료학회 춘계학술대회, 2018. 04.
    1. Seung A Song, Kwang Il Jeong, Jae Hyung Oh, Seong Su Kim, “Secondary battery having a honeycomb sandwich structure for supporting load”, Korea Patent Pending 10-2018-0144770, 2018.