Mechanical Component Design


This course covers design methodology and failure criteria based on deterministic and stochastic analyses. Further we examine the design of mechanical components, such as gears, bolts, nuts, shafts, springs, and bearings, by using both the classical safety factor approach method and the reliability or statistical method.

Understanding of Materials and Processing


This course addresses the basic principle of engineering materials and fabrication processes. It also includes the micro-fabrication processes for the semi-conductor and MEMS processing.


Adhesion and Adhesive Joint Technology


This course introduces fundamental knowledge concerning the formation and mechanical performance of adhesive joints. Topics include adhesion and adhesives, cure and strength monitoring of adhesive joints, environmental effect on adhesive joints, and applications of adhesive joints. The aim of this course is to interpret the multidiscipline subject of adhesion and adhesives, considering both the science and technology involved in the formation and mechanical performance of adhesive joints.