Manufacturing Technology for Composite Materials

    • Development of the optimization method for composite manufacturing processes reflecting the various mechanical imperfection.
    • Modeling of Representative Volume Element (RVE) for composites to reduce the time and cost effectively.

Composite Structural Analysis and Design

    • Development of composite based machine components for various applications in the field of automobile, aerospace, shipbuilding, and robotics.
    • Development of the shape memory polymer composite (SMPC) actuator for the space deployable systems

Energy Conversion and Storage Systems

    • Development of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) based Energy Storage System (ESS).
    • Development of the structural battery for high specific energy properties

Smart Materials

    • Fabrication and optimization of the functional composite materials for various application such as sensors, thermoelectric, and piezoelectric.
    • Simulation of the materials to analyze the interaction of the constituents.