Integrated M.S./Ph.D. program 

Mechanical Design Lab. With Advanced Materials

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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M.S./Ph.DMechanical engineering KAISTPresent
B.S.Mechanical engineering KAISTFebruary 2019

Research Interest

Water-lubricated composite bearing

Thermo-electric materials

Composite manufacturing process

Awards and Honors

    1. “Optimization of composite material properties to improve load-bearing capacity of water-lubricated composite journal bearings” – Best paper award, Wonvin Kim, Seong Su Kim, the Korean Society for composite materials (KSCM) fall conference, 2020.


  1. Wonvin Kim, Seong Su Kim, “A Study of Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication for the Water-lubricated Composite Journal Bearing”, 2nd Korea-Tribology International Symposium, Seoul, Korea, 2020.11.
  1. Won Vin Kim, Seong Su Kim, “A study of Elastohydrodynamic lubrication for the water-lubricated composite journal bearing”, 2020년도 한국윤활학회 제69회 학술대회, 2020. 09.
  2. Won Vin Kim, Seong Su Kim, “수윤활 복합재 저널 베어링의 하중 지지 능력 향상을 위한 복합재의 물성 최적화” 2020년도 한국복합재료학회 추계학술대회, 2020. 11.
  1. “Plastic resin composite comprising silane and pretreating method of the same” No. 10-2021-0026558, 2021
  2. “Plastic resin composite comprising metal oxide nanorod and pretreating method of the same”, Korea Patent Pending No. 10-2021-0026557, 2021