M.S. course

Mechanical Design Lab. With Advanced Materials

Department of Mechanical Engineering

E-mail : kwk97100@kaist.ac.kr


M.S.Mechanical EngineeringKAISTPresent
B.S. Mechanical EngineeringKAIST2021

Research Interest

Composite structures

Composite materials

Awards and Honors


  1. Kwang Il Jeong, Wonki Kim, Jae-Moon Jeong, Jaehyung Oh, Yun Hyuk Bang, Seong Su Kim* , “A Study on the Application of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics to PTO Shafts for Aircrafts”, Composites Research, 2021;34(6): 380-386
  1. Wonvin Kim, Wonki Kim, Seong Su Kim, “대용량 에너지 하베스팅 시스템용 3차원 벌크 마이크로폼 열전소재 개발” 2021년도 기계학회 추계 학술대회, 2021. 10.
  2. Wonvin Kim, Wonki Kim, Hyeongseong Jo, Seong Su Kim, “대규모 단열 시스템의 에너지 하베스팅을 위한 열전 폼 개발” 2021년도 복합재료학회 추계학술대회, 2021. 11.