Ph. D Course

Mechanical Design Lab. With Advanced Materials

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Ph. D.Mechanical engineeringKAISTPresent
M.S.Future vehicleKAISTFebruary 2017
B.S.Mechatronics engineeringKOREATECHFebruary 2015

Research Interest

Composite materials

Composite structures

Mechanical property

Awards and Honors


  1. Woe Tae Kim, Seong Su Kim, “Design of a segment-type ring burst test device to evaluate the pressure resistance performance of composite pressure vessels”, Composite Structures, 2020;242,112199
  1. Woe Tae Kim and Seong Su Kim, “EVALUATION OF MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF COMPOSITE PRESSURE VESSELS USING A SEGMENT-TYPE RING BURST TEST DEVICE”, 22nd International Conference on Composite Materials – ICCM22, Melbourne Australia, 2019.08.
  1. Woe Tae Kim and Seong Su Kim, “세그먼트 타입의 링 버스트 시험 장치를 활용한 복합재료 압력용기의 기계적 물성 평가”, 2019년도 한국군사과학기술학회 종합학술대회, 2019.06.
  2. Woe Tae Kim, Seong Su Kim, ” Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Composite Pressure Vessel using Segment-type Ring Burst Test Device”, The Fall Conference of the Korean Society for Composite Materials, 2019.12.